There are many causes of poor behaviour and hyperirritability in horses.

Dietary management can significantly improve behaviour in some cases and adopting a diet low in starch and sugars while ensuring vitamin and mineral requirements are met is essential.

One vitamin that has been shown to influence behaviour is vitamin B1, or thiamine. A deficiency in this vitamin can increase the risk of nervousness and hyperirritability.

Thiamine plays a vital role in carbohydrate metabolism and nerve transmission and can help to reduce nervous behaviour in horses.

Temperament solutions
  • B-Quiet - Formulated to treat the symptoms of thiamine deficiency including hyper-irritability and nervousness in horses. 
  • B-Quiet Paste - A nutrient-enriched paste for all classes of horses for use before and during competition. 
What others are saying
“Many horses are difficult to handle and do not reach their full potential as a result of spookiness or nervousness”
R. Ellis - Natural Horseman