Popular equine diets of forage and cereal grains are lacking in important nutrients. It’s easy to ensure your horse receives all their essential nutrients with the addition of a multi vitamin and mineral supplement.

Q. Is your horse on a grass only diet?
Q. Is your horse over weight?
Q. Are you feeding less than the recommended amount of premixed feed?
Q. Are you mixing your own feed blend at home?

If so, chances are your horse will need a balanced source of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin & Mineral solutions
  • Nutrequin – Everyday vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • Gold Pellet – Low-intake pelleted vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • Perform – Vitamin and mineral supplement for performance horses.
  • Hemabuild – A concentrated blend of trace minerals (including chelated iron) and B-vitamins for equine athletes.
What others are saying
“Gold Pellet is easy to measure and feed, there is no waste, no powdery residue left at the bottom of the feed bins and finally, it is very palatable: The horses eat it all up!”
Manolo Mendez - Specialist in Dressage
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